Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I gave us a Lag B'Omer treat

I finally figured out how to support Jewish music without breaking the bank--I used my retirement gift card to buy some Jewish music on Lag B'Omer.  The singers below are listed in the order in which I first encountered them in recordings and/or online.

~Deborah Sacks Mintz:  The Narrow and the Expanse.  We first met Deborah here, after having heard her in many recordings by Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble.

~Chava Mirel:  Source of Love. We met Chava here after I first "met" her here.

~Elana Arian:  A Spark of Light.  We met Elana here after I first "met" her here.

~Yonina (Yoni and Nina Tokayer):  Simple Truth (Emet P'shutah).  I "met" them on YouTube.

~Galeet Dardashi:  Shalhevet.  She was my teacher at the Rising Song Intensive.

~Noah Aronson:  Am I Awake. 

~Eliana Light:  s*ngs ab-ut g?d

I "met" both Noah and Eliana here.

~Yonatan Miller:  Jewish Soul.  We've known him since he was a kid in our former synagogue.

Welcome me to the twenty-first century--this 71-year-old has never done a music download before.


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